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Assalamualaikum.. maaf blog lama tak update. so busy lately. thanks pada yang singgah tu..
Forget about past keep smile and walk away
Monday, November 3, 2014

Assalamuailaikum ^_^

I want to forget about you but we spent too much time together

The times that have passed by seems unfair and tears are falling

I will show you a completely different me

I will show you a prettier me

I'm not going to cry for love or cry for you like I'm a stupid

I will meet a better man and show you that I;m happier than you

I fine without you

I wont give up

Boy you gotta be aware

I will smile and walk away from you

I throw away the ring and all the thing that you gave me 

I will forget you without regret, I will forget you

Erase you from my life.

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